YOUTHS – Happy International Youth Day

Youths are the energy That keeps the engine of global development moving Young, innovative, talented and so full of ideas   Running in the veins Is the adrenaline for change     They are at the forefront of transformation They are the voice of innovation They speak innovatively.   Creating an enabling ground for them... Continue Reading →

Christ is Risen…

Christ is risen Tis the message for the season At the cross of crucifix Our purpose of existence was sealed & fix Generations yet unborn Freedom to all by Christ is borne...

The Wink Challenge

A friend wrote this piece and I found it to be intriguing. Read below and click link to join the conversation The chibok girls have been gone for almost two years, Female suicide bombers are on the rise... What is the fate of the average Nigerian girl?  How do we intend to re-integrate the abducted... Continue Reading →

THE GOSPEL Romans 1:16

God's opportunity presented itself to all This opportunity was at the expense of a divine blood made human This is to establish the God-man relationship To bring back that which was lost at creation eden It is an open ticket to all at sundry Never limiting Nor rejecting any All that matters is Come as... Continue Reading →

Making it Count

With the fear of tomorrow in your heart, how will you live out your today successfully? Dump your ass on pursuing your desire, work at achieving it, Or one day on your deathbed, you will regret not to have move into your tomorrow today, not to have done that which your heart desires, not to... Continue Reading →

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