Lessons Learnt – NEVER SAY NEVER!

Many at times we tend not to give room to the obvious reality that is staring us in the face because of our human sentimentality and the fact that we did not want the “truth” (which most times is not in tandem with our expectations) to became a reality.

However we may try not to live in the sense of the real reality, the obvious can only be as real as it is.

A lot of us have been privileged to know the end result of a particular “game” or event but because it is not in our favor, we tend to look for ways to change it to suite us but the obvious has been written and cannot be undone.

Well, when you face the obvious, and it is against that which you have mapped out, Never shy away from it.

Rather take the truth and live by it.

Accept “defeat” but never be defeated.

When you fail at anything, know it is an opportunity to do it better and c=become better at whatever you do.

its time to live in the reality.

Never say, “NEVER”

Always believe in your dream and your vision.

Even when set back sets in, it is an opportunity for you to only be better at whatever you are doing.



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