The mercy and the grace of God being made available in times of needs is a representation of His divine orchestration and provision but brings in a direct supply of whatever our needs are directly from God.

When you encounter God, there is an impartation of certain things into you,

Most times, we are not very conscious of this availability of His provision.

Whenever our needs are turned over unto God, we experience His capacity to do exceeding and beyond our thoughts and understanding.

Every time of need we experience in our life also has a season of response from God.

Isaiah 55v6
Your response to God in times of need determines His response to you.

Every temptation and or situations has within them the capacity to bring solution but your response to these situations determines the response you get.

God is ever willing to change our situations or any event of life we face positively but it is only when we allow Him take charge of the event that determines the response we get.

When we live in denial of the situation we face before God denies us of God’s provisions which already has been made available before the foundation of the world.

Each event we face, God wants us to see certain things which has the key and capacity to unlock certains things we deire but our living in the denial of those things makes it uneasy for us to realize that which He has prepared.

Jer. 33v3 – when you call upon God in the situation not in denial of it but in realization of God’s faithfulness and capacity to make what is required available.
He will then show you that which you do not know.

For each believer God has something in store for us but the only way we can know and see it is when we seek Him.

Learn to express your heart to God in whatever situation you find yourself.
You need to allow God take control and be Lord over your life.

Remember, in every season, your response determines what you receive.
(Inspired by Pastor Poju Oyemade’s Message)


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