MY NOTES From THE LAW OF CONFESSION by Pastor Poju Oyemade

Confession in whatever form has its own consequences.
The words you speak are seeds that have the capacity to bear fruits once it is sown through speaking hence every word counts.
With our confession we create that which we eventually experience.
The 4 Types of Confession:
A. Confession of sins – acknowledging that you are a sinner. This is the first experience that leads to salvation of the soul where a person realizes from his indebt that he is a sinner and needed a saviour.
B. Confession of Jesus Christ as Lord – this is declaring the Lordship of Jesus Christ over your life, acknowledging Him as you Lord and saviour and establishing His supremacy in your life.
C. Confession of Reconciliation – this experience you have after you have been born again and having a consciousness of guilt within you as a result of haven erred from God’s instruction, you confess so that you might be brought back in right standing with God. This does not make you a sinner.
D. Confession of the Word of God – this is declaring the will of God. Agreeing with God’s word in your heart and declaring it with your mouth.
Note: in the new covenant God has made you a believer your own prophet
Matt3v8, Matthew 12v33-34
The product of your life is the fruit of your mouth.
When your mouth and heart are is agreement with the word of God, results are inevitable.
Sometimes, the stronghold in a man’s heart is what keeps him from experiencing God and His word.
Stronghold means; a man not believing what God says about him even though he knows it is the will of God for him.
Confession means saying what God is saying (through His word) about you and your situation.
Confession works through prayer and the word.
Note: it is the act of the heart to believe what God says, it is the act of the mouth to declare God’s offer.


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