In the journey to greatness, each of us must realize that there are many pains to be passed through,
This pains of course is what will birth the gains of the future we all desire.

As a Nation we are not just living, but progressing with gradual steps unto greatness.

Despite the odds we still survive, hence no matter the wars we will never worry for indeed we have proved it over time that as a Nation we can survive because we have survived.

Our survival is in the common goal we all share, its in our diversity, its in our unity despite our race, language or inclination.

If we could all stay at it, at the very goal set ahead of us, if we all together work with a common interest, not pursuing self-willed desires or aim, we’ll definitely attain the place of our destiny as a nation.

In some couple of years back we have seen great and giant strides taken, as many Nigerians both at home and abroad have proved the gallant ability that lies inside each of us.

No matter the worries, no matter the woes, we have prevailed, we have triumphed even the world now beckon on us for indeed we are the giant of Africa.

We glide in the faces of fears, we soar in the ugliest of tempest and now we celebrate the wars our fathers fought and won, now we further strategise on making our Nigeria a better place to stay.

Happy Independence day Nigeria
A hearty cheers to my fellow Nigerains.


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