#WORD-ALIVE – Luke 8v16

Luke 8v16
No man lights a lamp and keep it hidden – God will never light you as a lamp and keep you hidden but He’ll keep you in a place & position where you’ll be opportune to shine His light without stress to/within the community He’s placed you.
*NOTE: God will never take you to a place where He knew you’ll struggle in when you get there, but He’ll have gone ahead to prepare the place for you and for your various needs before you get there.
He’ll only walk you through different events in life which prepares you for what is ahead of you.
This is what the Psalmist talked about when he said in ps23-though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for the LORD is with me.
When you make God your source, He goes ahead of you to make every crooked way straight before you even get there.
So never be discouraged by the events around your life now, its only to prepare you for what is ahead of you and I tell you, you don’t want to miss that greater thing ahead of you.
If God should just throw you in it, you may not value it and you may even forsake your priority.
So keep faith and hope alive, dream on and keep the word alive in you.


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