Arise o compatriots
This call is for you and I
For we are the Nigeria who’s call we obey
The time has come to serve our Fatherland
In love that is full of strength and faith
And as we do let us remember the heroes of our past
Who with their life , blood and sweat fought earnestly, faithfully and truthfully for the freedom we enjoy today
Let us not allow their labour in vain be
Even as we rise to complete the freedom building they laid the foundation
With their breath, strength and blood
If we can bind our hearts and might, knowledge and skills
Resources and power together as one faithfully
Then we’ll be able to realise
The potency that lies in our nation
That bond together in oneness and freedom
Then peace, unity and tranquility
Shall make every hearts and lives
States and cities
Families and persons
Its place of abode
And our resources shall produce immensely for us
And all shall know us to be
One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.



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