Whether we live a hundred years or a thousand, that doesn’t really count as much as what we make out of those years.
What counts really before God are the little impacts we make in the life of people we come across positively.

Ps20v12 – So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom

When you understand the shortness of the life you’re living here on earth (whether 80 or 100 years), you will learn and understand that its more than just to live and then take a walk when your time is up.

Every individual life counts and makes more sense when you positively impact or change and transform someone’s life around you with the resources heaven has made available for you.

what you have and what you know has the capacity to give light to those around you if only you extend your hand of impact out to them

By that you will be changing a life. Whether big or small impact it really doesn’t matter so long as you are touching a life and you are making the life God has given you count for something positive.

Live to make an impact.

Make it Count.


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