A particular man set out to achieve a desired goal in life. While on his journey, he met a lot of distractions that eventually got him out of focus and he ended up navigating away from his dream.

One day he sat under a tree assessing his life at the age of 50 and discovered he had not attained that place of joy his heart so desires.

He looked up and down and told himself “I’ve got to do that which my heart longs for…” He then sets out and on the long run he got to his place of dream.

life is all about living out a particular purpose. It is this purpose that gives the desired joy to your inner spirit which makes your life a fulfilled one.

Never think it is too late to start pursuing what your heart so desires.

Now is never too late.

You can make yours count greatly just by taking that positive active step towards attaining your goal.

Its never too late!


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