Come this weekend we will all be celebrating the life, time and conquest of a great man who lived millions of years ago but left a great inspiring and impactful legacy from whcih we are all drawing inspiration and wisdom.

Importantly, we remember Him for the great work He’s done (but realistically only few of us have actually allow His person into our life in the real sense).

Come to think of it, have you ever thought of what you will be remembered for after these great days here on earth? All humans that have ever lived are being remembered for something but the “thing (s)” being remembered for is what actually matters at the end.

I tell you that this period calls for a time of reflection when we take a look at our recent lives and make a reshape, adjustment or a firm decision.

Great men are only remembered,not by the number of wealth acquired, but by how they have made life worth living.

Your living can either be to add to life or to suck out its juicy resources, the number of your days only counts for what you live it out for.

If everyone can decide to make a positive difference, the we all would have realized our purposes, we would have known “I am not hear for myself alone, but to make life worth living for others”

The quality of your life is determined by the quality added to life. Quantity is only a number of acquisition but it can never outweigh the strength, force, power, possession and greatness of quality.


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