God’s love for us as humans ca never be separated from us. We are the expression of His love after Christ Jesus (meaning our existence is an indication that God’s love for mankind is unending).
Knowing and understanding the word of God for your life is what actually affirms your experiencing the word and actually live it out.
When the word of God is recognized in our lives, and we dwell in the understanding of it it is then and only the can we actually begin to live out the full and experiential knowledge of the word.
Never underestimate the word.
No matter the situation you find yourself you need to always understand and recognize that God is ever present with you.
A man only get desolate in times of challenges when he fails to realize that God is with him – John 16v32.
His promises has been “I will not leave you comfortless”. He says further that in me you will have peace, in the world you will have tribulations but be of good cheer cos I have overcome the world” If you recognize that you are in God and that He has given you His peace through Christ Jesus, then you need not worry cos He says He has overcome the world for you.
The anointing and grace flows unstoppable in the place where the presence of God is acknowledged.
N: the love of God for you will do beyond what your faith can’t do (Ephesians 3v20).
So never be weighed down by the weight of the challenges around your life.
Life turns out to be gloriously glorious when the golden rule is practiced which is: Always recognize the presence of God in any situation you find yourself.
Never look below yourself, never be afraid cos sometimes when there is separation, it can be an opportunity for a divine set up.


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